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      1. About HSANNU

        發布作者:系統管理員    發布時間:2017-03-29    瀏覽次數:



        School Motto—— Lofty aspirations  ,Profound learning

        School Ethos—— United spirit, Realistic innovation

        Teaching Ethics —— Diligence and Rigorousness ,Untiring guide and Cautious conduct

        Style of Study—— Diligence study and  Inquisitive mind ,Thoughtfulness and Realism

        School Dream—— Being the foundation for its students’ lives , Being responsible for the nation’s future

        School Spirit—— Hold dreams, Pursue excellence, Create ethos,  Embrace everything

        School-running conception—— Pursue excellence and Appreciate aesthetics

        Orientation of school—— Insist on the motto of being educators, Construct modern and international academic high school


        The High School Attached to Northeast Normal University was founded in 1950; it comprises of five campuses – Ziyou Campus, Qinghua Campus, Mingzhu Campus, Jingyue Campus and Beijing Chaoyang Campus.We also have a strategic relationship with Changchun 26th Middle School; and includes several different divisions - kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, senior high school, international division and an art division. Our school currently has in excess of 15,000 students enrolled and employs over 1000 members of staff. Our first principal was Mr. CHEN Yuanhui, while Dr. SHI Liang is the present principal and Dr. ZHAO Shufeng is the secretary of the Party Committee.

        The High School Attached to Northeast Normal University was research oriented, and experimental in its education, and was able to stand alongside other schools across the nation. The High School Attached to Northeast Normal University has been honored as the First Demonstration Senior High School of Jilin province , which is named as the Standard Model School of Jilin province. The High School Attached to Northeast Normal University is to fully implement the Party's education policy , which has the ideal of being the foundation for its students’ lives and is responsible for the nation’s future. The High School Attached to Northeast Normal University  insists on that teachers are educators,  adheres to the motto Lofty aspirations  ,Profound learning , pursues excellence and appreciates aesthetics. Based on the six-star person training concept and the innovation talent training pattern , the school’s open environment encourages students’ development and cultivates learners into world-class talents and Chinese hearts with the ability to “ combine integrity and talent, unite knowledge and action , be physically healthy and achieve a state of well-being, in addition to becoming independent and thoughtful people”.

        Guided by Northeast Normal University and the orientation of school development, The High School Attached to Northeast Normal University has carried out the creative and experimental educational reform, establishing Chen Yuanhui Teacher’s Training College , employing university expert as dean , converging the experts and scholars and publishing HSANNU Academic Journal, which provide theoretical support and practical guidance for the academic development of teachers, propel the High School Attached to Northeast Normal University in the tide of China's education reform and innovation forward and maintain the development in the lead.